We here at Planet Green wish to serve the modern world where we use latest techniques & are fully equipped and staffed to provide design, consultancy and implementation.

Whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling an existing garden, enhancing your home with hanging baskets and window boxes or planning a focal point for a favorite room/ office, your search ends here; where we cater a unique blend of the art and science of gardening.

We here give you a wealth of information’s about planning, building, planting and maintaining every conceivable type of garden-from country garden to city rooftop; from rock garden and patios to pools and woodland glades. We firmly believe that the garden is an extension of the home, a place to be used and enjoyed through out the year. It must suit the scale and style of the buildings it adjoins - its colors, shapes and textures combining to make a pleasing and harmonious whole. Construction methods and materials are skillfully combined with those on choosing and using trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, climbers, shade plants, herbs and vegetables. We guide you to choose grow and care for indoor plants and we give stylish ideas for arranging flowers, grouping plants and planning decorative room schemes-from choosing containers and coordinating colors to constructing decorative features that will enhance any room, staircase or open space and bring the special magical effect of the garden right into your office or home.