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"A garden raised from seed is a garden raised in the heart, the gardener growing along with the garden." - Jane Bedinger

There’s an interesting new garden store near EMC2 - outer ring road, that could make a very interesting destination. What’s it called? Simple ...Home Garden Store.

The concept here is interesting and laid out like a supermarket - you just walk around and take your pick. Only make sure you get there in a pick-up truck, because there’s lots to see and many things you’d love to take back home.

One of the best things about The Garden Store is the kind of help you will get as you go around. If you’re a  novice gardener and don’t know where to start, you’ll get advice from the ground up and assistance to pick up just the things you need. No more, no less - without an over-sell.

So what do you do if you don’t have a garden? Simple - they’ll give you ideas for that small kitchen patch that you could have, or the balcony in your apartment. Whatever the need, there’s something out there, just your size.

The Garden Store is actually a huge house, with around six thousand square feet dedicated to an artistic display of virtually everything you need for the garden of your dreams.

Plants - indoor, outdoor, exotic
Fountains - small, large, designer
Stone pottery - designed by artists and sculpted by artisans
Ponds and bird baths - in various shapes and sizes
Pergolas - all the building blocks for the pergola you always wanted
Stone benches - from simple, to ornate, to classic
Garden lighting - from stone pillars and spots, to classic lamp posts

All this, in addition to other essentials that hobby gardeners would need - tools, sprayers, gloves, overalls, pots, soil media, manure, fertilizer, pest & weed control, pebbles, rocks - even fish for your garden pond. That list will soon get longer with imported gazebos, garden furniture, artifacts, ceramic urns, pottery and more.

The Garden Store is run by Surendran - experienced landscape consultant who came up with the innovative idea of a complete garden store experience. Where people could "browse" and spend hours visualizing how they could bring home some greenery, with a dash of colour.

Home Garden Store